Infrastructure Development

SYMPAN offers a wide range of project management and control services to public sector authorities and private sector companies, referring to all main types of infrastructure such as transport & hydraulic networks, energy/environment, civil infrastructure andreal estate development. Services address all the phases along a project’s lifecycle, including technical advisory in areas as:

Feasibility and Preparatory Studies

In this stage SYMPAN provides technical assistance on:

  • Project identification and definition.
  • (Pre)Feasibility studies, including, where necessary, visual inspection or other field tasks (site studies).
  • Techno-economic studies like Cost-Benefit Analysis or other financial/ socio-economic analyses, which may include financial scheduling and planning, environmental, social or local impact assessment, etc.
  • Preparatory of technical studies sectors such as Transport etc.
  • Geotechnical studies or other needed technical studies for obtaining the required licenses for project construction.
  • Preparatory of technical studies in the Urban Planning sector.
  • Development of land-use/town organization studies, technical due diligence for property use, market research/ forecasts etc.
  • Preparatory technical studies of Energy & Environment.
  • Preparation of Project Application for EU financing.
  • Various special studies, such as research projects in logistics etc.

Design & Tender Management

Following completion of the preparatory stage, it is necessary to secure detailed design management and adequate support during the planning phase of infrastructure projects, so that the respective tender is properly launched, attracting appropriate candidates for implementation. SYMPAN has a solid and long experience in the provision of pertaining services, organized and summarized in the below:

SYMPAN’s expertise covers all comprehensive aspects of Design Management support, for a wide infrastructure/facility typology, involving:

  • Detailed project planning assessment and preliminary design & quality control.
  • Review of detailed design and control design output, evaluating constructability (value engineering).
  • Implementation plan elaboration/validation: time plan optimization, identification of critical milestones, resources allocation and cost estimation, and project management organization.
  • Permits management: expropriations, public authorities’ permits management, monitoring of environmental impact studies, elaboration and monitoring of environmental terms and conditions.

SYMPAN’s duties frequently include provision of Tender Management support to Contracting Authorities in different types of tendering procedures and all types of contracts (services, supplies, works), involving:

  • Development of procurement strategy.
  • Preparation of tender documents, including technical specifications, BoQ and drawings.
  • Management of the tendering process.
  • Evaluation of proposals/offers (emphasis on technical issues).
  • Contract negotiations and signature.

Our integrated approach ensures that all critical aspects of design and tendering are taken into consideration in order to help our clients in:

  • Ensuring quality of designs, completeness and relevance of tender documents, and selection of suitable/appropriate contractors.
  • Preventing impractical solutions or time-consuming processes, frequently jeopardising a project’s funding and, eventually, implementation.

Over time, we have developed long-lasting, fruitful collaboration with accredited local and international firms that possess extensive experience in studying all major types of facilities/infrastructures. We are therefore in the position to efficiently cope with common challenges over regulations and other legislative matters, or local particularities governing the project design and development, as well as the procurement and contracting process.

Program, Project & Contract Management

In the field of Program and Contract Management SYMPAN provides:

  • Development of processes, systems and tools for Portfolio Management, based on universally accepted methodologies and industry’s practices.
  • Design and establishment of Program Management Office (PMO).
  • Employment and operation of a PMO.
  • Program planning with key performance indicators.
  • Risk assessment and management.
  • Project monitoring and reporting.
  • Evaluation and review.
  • Training.
  • Resource Planning and Management.
  • Cost Planning and Control.
  • Quality Management.
  • Change Management.
  • Support in claims management.
  • Controland Audit of invoices and supervision of payments procedure.
  • Management of contract documentation.
  • Support of the contract closing process.

Construction Management & Supervision

In the field of infrastructure development SYMPAN provides the following services in each stage:

Pre-construction Stage

  • Project preparation which includes the development of a primary work program,budget planning, the formation of a management team and co-ordination of the project.
  • Procurement and contract strategy.
  • Designs’ assessment and value engineering.
  • Analysis of the tender documents for the construction.
  • Appraisal of the analytical Bill of Quantities (BofQ).
  • Support and advise during the procurement and tendering process for the award of the works and supplies contract(s).
  • Guidance to Clients for the risks and insurance of the construction period, as well as concerning duties, health and safety, environment etc.

Construction Stage

  • Monitoring if contractor(s) performance is in accordance with requirements and contractual requirements.
  • Conduction of on-site inspections.
  • Identification of risks, damages and weaknesses and supervision of their elimination.
  • Certification of quality of materials and workmanship.
  • Appraisal and technical appreciation of invoices.
  • Control of costs.
  • Monitoring and control of works schedule and the cost plan.
  • Reporting progress to the Client.
  • Support of the deviations.
  • Support of the dispute resolution procedure.
  • Quantity monitoring of materials and products.
  • Monitoring and inspection, testing of procedures.
  • Advice and assistance to the Client during the development of the Project.
  • Co-operation with third parties which are involved in the Project such as financing institutions, public authorities, designers, lawyers, insurance companies, etc.) in order to design, monitor and manage their duties.
  • Support in the accomplishment of the project and conclusion of the contract(s).
  • Advice to Client(s) on maintenance of the facilities.

Technical Advisory Services

Apart from infrastructure development, SYMPAN provides Technical Advisory Services, including:

  • Formation of policies at national or regional levels, ranging from standards of buildings for various uses.
  • Development of sectoral policies and strategies, including the formmation of regulatory and operational frameworks in national transport and energy systems.
  • Prioritization of infrastructure interventions with criteria at national/regional levels over a specific programing period.
  • Technical assistance in the preparation of PPP, including due diligence and support up to financial closure.
  • Business intelligence services to investors in PPP.
  • Independent Engineer Certifier or Financier’s Technical Advisor services for infrastructure investment projects.
  • Valuation of property portfolios.
  • Supply chain optimization for the reduction of energy consumption, waste disposals, air pollution and their balance with mobility measures.
  • Market research and customer satisfaction surveys.
  • Issuance of quality standards- certificates.
  • Training courses to certain target groups.
ICT Consulting

SYMPAN provides ICT Consulting services to enable its clientstake full advantage of ICT by exploiting a multi-dimensional attitude and supplying services along the following sectors:

ICT Approach & Revolution

ICT Approach

  • E-government strategy design and establishment of operation support services.
  • ICT Master Planning: Current and future public modelling, gap analysis and action plan(s) development.
  • ICT procurement strategy formulation.
  • ICT systems inspection, including procurement process & technology control.

ICT Revolution

  • Design and support the implementation of IT Service Managingcreativity, based on universally adopted principles and practices.
  • IT re-engineering: Business proceduresdevelopment based on IT processes.
  • Re-engineering and introduction of IT standards.

Enterprise Planning Design

SYMPAN provides consulting services to its clients, which include SMEs, public organizations and private companies in various sectors. The services offered by SYMPAN in this include the following:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Information & Communication Systems Investigation&Strategy
  • Enterprise Modelling
  • Network Architecture& Design
  • Procedure& Systems Integration

IT Program & Project Management

SYMPAN’s range of services in the area of IT Program & Project Management includes the following:

  • Preparation& Monitoring of IT Projects.
  • Development of processes, systems and tools for Program Portfolio Management based on industry’s practices.
  • Preparation of Tender Documents.
  • Contract Supervision.
  • Change Management.

Information & Systems Security

SYMPAN offers services to the public sector and private companies in enhancing the security level of their information systems, in planning their security policy, etc. More specifically, SYMPAN is able to offer the following services:

  • Information Risk Assessment & Business Impact Study
  • Disaster Recovery Planning and Business Continuous Planning
  • Risk Management Development
  • Development and/ or operational support of Information Security Management Systems
  • Review and Assessment of Information Security Policies
  • Compliance and Regulatory Controls/Audits

Supply of IT Solutions

SYMPAN provides services for the supply of specialized IT solutions in the below mentioned areas:

  • IT Programs & Project Management.
  • Enterprise Planning Management.
  • Documentation of a Managing System based on standards (e.g. ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 14001, etc.).
  • IT Service Management.
  • Workflow and Information management
  • Knowledge administration.





Strategy and Finance

SYMPAN helps the formulation and evaluation of critical decisions, and then takes action upon those decisions so as to positively affect the organizations’ current standing and future development.

Due to the fact that such challenges are often of a strategic and/or financial nature, SYMPAN has identified issues of particular significance and has developedservices in this area related to the following:.

Corporate Strategy & Business Planning

Since, value creation is by nature a core need for enterprises operating in a competitive environment or for organizations who serve a public interest, the key drivers of such value creation need to be under actionable and measurable plans for implementation.

When working with companies and organizations, all different factors need to be addressed, such as:

  • Market/Scope perimeter definition and sizing.
  • Competitive/Stakeholder dynamics.
  • Customer/Beneficiary division.
  • Opportunity definition and valuation.
  • Value chain optimization and placement.
  • Technology and people productivity, optimization and placement.
  • Financial outcome consideration.

To further articulate the results of such strategy development work, SYMPAN’s detailed business planning addresses the following aspects:

  • Regulatory
  • Commercial
  • Operational/Organizational
  • Human resources
  • Technology
  • Infrastructure
  • Financial

Eventually, the results of the business planning work are used to develop an action plan to drive the implementation of the plan in terms of:

  • Implementation of work flow
  • Timelines
  • Duties
  • Costs and Overheads

SYMPAN supports the above mentioned services during the strategy design as well as in the phase of implementation by working in collaboration with clients and organizations.

Integrated Restructuring

SYMPAN services customers in areas such as:

  • Restructuring.
  • Development of business opportunities.
  • Reduction of operational expenses.
  • Transformation of the business structure and processes.
  • Investments
  • Development of management with people of related experience.

When needed SYMPAN provides additional expertise in critical industry matters or other specific issues.

Privatization Advisory

The privatization life cycle includes asset opportunity sizing and enabling, investor attraction, selection and contracting and change of control and transition into new ownership status.

Sympan offers key capabilities such as:

  • Business/Technical advisory
  • Financial/Transformation advisory
  • Regulatory advisory
  • Project Management services,

which are required when investor attraction, choice of contracting and change of control or alteration into new ownership status are needed.

The above capabilities are needed from both sides of the privatization transaction:

  • “Sell” side or
  • “Buy” side

Corporate & Project Finance

SYMPAN services clients in areas such as:

  • Public - Private Partnerships
  • New Projects Development
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Investment plan development
  • Project preparation and maturity
  • Investor recruitment and selection
  • Project funding and implementation
  • Business and economic planning
  • regulatory reflection
  • Shareholder management and negotiation
  • Technical and construction implementation
  • Project management and integration
Management Consulting

Operations Improvement & Performance Management

SYMPAN serves the following sectors:

Process Planning and Identification

  • Functional and process model classification.
  • Methodforming, examination and strategy.
  • Gap analysis and procedure assessment.
  • Benchmarking and developmentdesignation.

Business Process Alterationand Development

  • Alternative functionalopportunities, classification and simulation.
  • Process overview, re-design and re-engineering.
  • Process Control& Management.

Performance Supervision

  • Performance management systems implementation and improvement.
  • Scorecard design and internal communication.
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) selection.
  • Metrics definition and KPIs measurement.

Organizational Restructuring & Transformation

SYMPAN provides the following services:

  • Performance analysis and (re)design.
  • Roles description for organizationaldepartments.
  • Allocation of authorities, responsibilities and duties.
  • Management and policymaking systems.
  • Job remake – Job descriptions development.
  • Skills building, including educational programs and staff incentives.

Capacity Building & Institutional Strengthening

Services include on the job training, mentoring and coaching in the below mentioned:

  • Institutional establishment: Development of official frameworks according to national priorities and international obligations.
  • Establishment of new socio-economic policies and/or policy reform programs.
  • Improvement of functional capabilities of beneficiary institutions.
  • Design and outline of new organization policies, processes, principles, services delivery practices.

Human Resources Management

Human Resources Management includes the following services:

  • Human Resources Improvement: Training prerequisites analysis, training programs, career development.
  • Employment& Reward Management: Job potentials and profiles design, job analysis and job categorization, reward systems development, performance development and goal implementation.
  • Focused HR Operations and Processes Rescheduling: HR processes policy.
  • Post-Merger Incorporation and Transformation: HR Policies establishment, processes and systems placement, in-house communication solutions, and voluntary retirement policies design.

Change Program Management

SYMPAN provides services that include:

  • Constructionof a realistic change plan (stages, resource requirements and performance objectives).
  • Establishment of change management processes.
  • Transformation of internal communication, information and responsiveness.

Production Management

SYMPAN supply services on the following sectors:

Factory Supply Chain

System configuration:

  • Coding of raw materials, work-in-progress and finished goods
  • Master data definition
  • Bill of materials
  • Material movements posted in the system (goods receipt, goods return, post-production, stock in transit, stock adjustment)
  • Supplier/Vendor Management Inventory (SMI/VMI)
  • Supplier/Vendor Owned Inventory (SOI/VOI)

Data analysis:

  • Production planning and detailed scheduling (PPDS) generating requirements in raw materials and resources
  • Micro-planning optimization
  • Scheduling coordination of the production departments
  • Raw materials planning based on master data (minimum order qty, rounding value, lead time, safety stock)
  • Capacity planning
  • Production planning segmentation analysis
  • Headcount planning
  • Inventory monitoring, control and optimization
  • Material losses monitoring and reduction
  • Portfolio analysis: Pareto, Simplification, Negotiation, Cost savings

Product Costing

  • Materials standard cost
  • Activities definition
  • Activities standard cost
  • Product families
  • Activities quantity per product family

Finance Planning, Monitoring, Analysis and Control

System configuration:

  • Definition of cost centers and general ledger accounts
  • Distinguish general ledger accounts to fixed and variable
  • Invoice matching with cost centers and general ledger accounts
  • Cost centers and general ledger accounts matching with product cost activities
  • Cost allocation rules

Data analysis:

  • Budget planning based on volume forecast
  • Capacity analysis
  • Budget review
  • Variances analysis
  • Spending control
  • Utilities monitoring and control
  • Cost reduction / Savings program

Shopfloor Reporting

  • Overall Asset Effectiveness Model
  • Planned and unplannced downtime monitoring
  • Productivity per equipment / production area / work center
  • Throughput per time and people resources
  • Smart Factory - Online shopfloor reporting

Manufacturing Continuous Improvement - Kaizen

  • Unplanned downtime root cause analysis
  • Bottleneck analysis per production area / work center
  • SMED analysis and changeover time reduction
  • 5S and Visual factory
  • Daily improvement
  • Autonomous maintenance
  • Material losses reduction
  • Energy reduction
  • Cost reduction / Savings program
  • Factory Operations Support Suite - Prodaxion
  • Factory Operations Support Suite - Safeworks
  • Factory Operations Support Suite - incidents

Business excellence

  • Business process re-engineering
  • Business processs tools
  • Business intelligence
  • ERP functions automation

New Products Project Management

  • End-to-end New Products Project Management




Corporate social responsibility

Our company philosophy is to create a positive impact on society by supporting business activities that demonstrate both profitability and a positive social impact. SYMPAN Ltd helps businesses to demonstrate commitment to positive change and promotes business endeavours that can make a difference to the society they work in.

Education: Through collaboration with stakeholders, including our customers, universities and other educational institutions, SYMPAN Ltd is voluntarily participating in valuable training programs that promote the right of free access to information resources.


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