SYM.P.AN. Ltd  business consultants was founded in 2001 in Thessaloniki, Greece.  SYM.P.AN. provides high quality specialized services to businesses and organizations in the Private and Public Sector such as Ministries, Regions, Municipalities, Intermediates, Industries, Crafts, Commercial and Tourism Enterprises, Freelancers, Urban Companies, Cooperatives and Working Groups.

Recently, the company has also expanded its operations in Athens in order to serve the demand of its customers all around Greece.

Our company’s reputation was established through the director’s experience and professional work force, who were engaged in the consulting business for many years before its foundation (over 2 decades). Over the years we have accumulated a broad knowledge base that allows us to successfully consult a wide variety of companies and working relations.  

One of the most important factors in providing high quality services is the selection of our partners and members of staff. Our professional workforce consists of executives with significant experience in in the fields of energy, tourism, research, information technology and manufacturing.

Our carefully trained and well-experienced staff can provide practical advice and guidance, which can be the driving force behind a successful enterprise.

The key principle underlying our work is the delivery high quality services that meet and exceed our customer’s expectations and needs, ensuring the highest level of satisfaction.

Our company’s commitment:

  • Providing high quality, effective and efficient consulting services.
  • Increase the prosperity of our customers through entrepreneurial know-how and added value.
  • Constant and consistent adherence and satisfaction of customers’ requirements and needs.
  • Confidentiality of customers' personal information.

The main areas of activity of SYMPAN are:

  • Consulting: Designing and Providing Consulting Services to Private and Public Customers on Project Management, IT, Education, Redesign and Reorganization.
  • Human Capital Management and Education Technologies Solutions: University Management Institutions and Schools Education Management Technologies, Large Private and Public Sector Personnel Development and Training Systems, ASP / On-demand services, on demand.
  • Information on access to European Union sources of information and proposals for participation in European or international programs.
  • Preparation of companies and organizations of the Private and Public Sector for the installation of a quality management system according to the standards of ELOT EN ISO, HACCP, CE etc.
  • Information Technologies: Web Design, Software Development, Software Development, Development, Installation, Support, Equipment Software Maintenance, Information Systems Maintenance.












Corporate social responsibility

Our company philosophy is to create a positive impact on society by supporting business activities that demonstrate both profitability and a positive social impact. SYMPAN Ltd helps businesses to demonstrate commitment to positive change and promotes business endeavours that can make a difference to the society they work in.

Education: Through collaboration with stakeholders, including our customers, universities and other educational institutions, SYMPAN Ltd is voluntarily participating in valuable training programs that promote the right of free access to information resources.


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