The aid scheme governed by the present law shall not apply, in terms of regional aid, to the following branches exempted from the scope of the General Block Exemption Regulation, viz.: the steel sector, the synthetic fibres sector, the coal sector and the shipbuilding sector.

Further, the aid scheme of theInvestment Incentives Lawshall not apply to investment plans of public corporations - organisations or their subsidiaries and firms in difficulty or on State aid for rescuing and restructuring.

The aid scheme of theInvestment Incentives Lawshall not apply for the following industries and branches of economic activity, as defined on the basis of the 'National Nomenclature of Economic Activities - Activity Code Numbers 2008', as amended by POL 1086/2009, viz.:

 Production of electricity from photovoltaic systems
41 Construction of buildings
42 Civil engineering, with the exception of the construction of coastal and port works and construction works for coastal and port structures
43 Specialised construction activities
45 Wholesale and retail trade and repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles
46 Wholesale trade, except motor vehicles and motorcycles
47 Retail trade, except motor vehicles and motorcycles
56 Food and beverage service activities
60 Programming and broadcasting activities
64 Financial service activities
65 Insurance, reinsurance and pension funding, except compulsory social security
66 Activities auxiliary to financial services and insurance activities
68 Real estate activities
69 Legal and accounting activities
70 Head office activities, consultancy service activities
71 Architectural and engineering activities and activities by engineers - technical testing and analysis
73 Advertising and market research
75 Veterinary activities
77 Rental and leasing activities
78 Employment activities
79 Activities of travel agencies, tour organisers and travel reservation services and related activities
80 Security and investigation activities
81 Provision of services to buildings and outdoor spaces
84 Public administration and defence - compulsory social security
85 Education
86 Human health activities
88 Social work activities without accommodation
90 Creative activities, arts and entertainment
92 Gambling and betting activities
93 Sporting activities and recreational and leisure activities
94 Organisations membership activities
96 Other personal service activities
97 Activities of households as employers of domestic personnel
98 households activities concerning the production of non distinct goods- and services- for own use
99 Activities of extraterritorial organisations and bodies