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Development of Financial-Technical studies (including Investment Incentives Law 2601/98, 3299/04, 3908/11, 4399/2016 etc.), methods and organization of production, industrial design, development and implementation of new technologies, technology transfer and diffusion, new product development, etc.

Business Plan preparation in development programs, such as Community Support Frameworks, NSRF (National Strategic Reference Framework), European Initiatives such as Leader, etc.

Design, installation and implementation of quality and environmental management standards (ISO 9000 & EN 17025, ISO 14001, EMAS etc.).

Corporate Finance consultancy

Market research, market plans, benchmarking services, cost analysis, product promotion, personnel staffing, etc.

Integrated services of innovation and patent registration.

Access to EU information resources and registration in European or international business development programs.

Staff education and training

Fully Integrated services for high quality Photovoltaic Systems

SYMPAN MEPE BUSINESS CONSULTANS Efficiency Dynamic Development Quality

Our company’s commitment:

  1. Providing high quality, effective and efficient consulting services.
  2. Increase the prosperity of our customers through entrepreneurial know-how and added value.
  3. Constant and consistent adherence and satisfaction of customers’ requirements and needs.
  4. Confidentiality of customers' personal information.

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